2) – What exactly is SEO?

SEO, is short for Search engine optimisation.  We sometimes have a slight reservation about using the word ‘optimisation’ though….. why?  The word optimisation tends to imply something similar to tuning an engine in a car.  i.e. Once the engine is tuned it will perform better and the card will go faster?   Optimisation though is not something you do once and the website will automatically climb the rankings.  SEO is a process and you need to treat it as such to get good results.

Traffic from the search engines is free, apart from the blood sweat and tears it has taken to get you site up the rankings.  If you have the right attitude and consistently work on your site you can get huge volumes of traffic.

Lets imaganie a search term “divorce solicitors” that has 10,000 searches every month.

Lets work on a 2 year strategyand be very conservative with our estimates.

If you are number 1 on the Adwords listing you can expect to get approximately10% of that traffic and lets assume that it will cost you £1 per click.  So over 24 months it will cost you £24,000 to get 24,000 visitors to your website.

If you are number 1 on the organic listings you will get approximately 50% of the traffic which would be 5,000 visitors per month.

Assuming you spent £12,000 over the first 12 months to get you to number 1 and £500 per month thereafter you would receive at least 60,000 visitors over the two years ata cost of £18,000.

So in this example PPC will always cost you £1 per visitor whereas SEO would bring you 5 times more visitors and at a cost of 30p each!

When a website is first released, you almost certainly will not have 1,000’s of visitors.

Also, If you release your website and then wait for 1,000’s of visitors you will probably have a long wait.

At this point you need SEO…

You need to build your website using keywords that you have researched and you know people are using as ‘Questions’ in Google.

You need to build your website so that Google knows that your website is answering the questions you want it to answer.

Once your website answers the rights questions, how well does it answer them?  The more information on a subject the better as far as Google is concerned. i.e. the more of an authority your website is on a particular subject the better!

Popularity – Now you need your pages of information to be popular / more popular than your competition.  This is generally measured by the number of inbound links into your site.

This tutorial will take you through all the steps necessary to have a good understanding of what SEO is all about.