SEO Marketing Consultants

How do you go about putting yourself on the right path to getting on the first page of Google?

It’s a good question, and one that we as SEO marketing consultants can try and answer. To get an increase in your search rankings you will need to embark on a SEO marketing campaign. A campaign that will give you the results you are looking for. We as SEO marketing consultants work from a set marketing plan, the plan can take the following steps.

1. Consultancy
2. Keyword Research
3. Professional SEO
4. Copywriting
5. Effective on page HTML optimisation
6. Search Engine Submissions
7. Link building to increase link popularity
8. Web site design
9. Website Maintenance
10. Search Engine Marketing.

If you look closely into the list above, you can see that there is no magic SEO button to push, no easy way to get you to the top spot in Google. If you know SEO marketing consultants who promise outcomes like this, then please note that they should be avoided. Promises of instant results, overnight success and guaranteed top 5 rankings are too good to be true.

We as SEO marketing consultants will focus greatly on our action plan, as we know it is a tried and tested formula, one that works, every time.

During the first stage of the process, the consult, we will make a careful analysis of your business to discuss the realistic targets that you are looking to hit. We will look at how your business works so that we can create the best marketing strategies for you.  This will take us onto the next stage of the process; Keyword Research.

If you are unfamiliar with keywords and their importance then please let me explain. Whenever a person is looking for information on the Internet, they will typically go to a search engine and type in several words or terms describing what it is they are searching for. The search engine then looks in its database and displays the results by listing pages that match the search term entered.

The terms used by people when searching are called keywords or search terms. I’m sure you have done a search before by using search engines, and you will know that when searching a single word it will give results that are extremely broad and often totally irrelevant. To tune up your search results, you need to use a set or sentence of words or phrases. This will give you a more specific result list.

Keywords are the search term that allows people to find you in Google. If your keywords are totally unrelated to your business then it is fair to say that Google will not be able to find you for the type of business you want to promote. It is essential that SEO marketing consultants show you the right keywords to choose so that you can be found when people are looking for your product or service. If, for example, you are a company who specialises in car salvage then you will use “car salvage” as your keyword.

It sounds simple, but choosing the right keywords can be a difficult task. It is very easy to be too generic by using a keyword that has a lot of competition. We as SEO marketing consultants will talk you through the keyword process, choosing the right keywords for you so that you can maximise your results.

A consult and keyword research is a good start for SEO marketing consultants to take, but there is more needed than that in the long run. Let’s take marketing programs for example. In order to keep your rankings up to date and your website traffic on the increase it is essential that your rankings support is maintained. All of this can take time, but we all know that the best things in life are worth waiting for.