Does SEO take longer than PPC?

Compared to something like PPC, SEO does take a lot longer.

So this is a disadvantage of SEO.

We would not mislead you on that.  You’re not likely going to get top rankings for a highly competitive keyphrase overnight, or probably not even in the span of a week.

However, it is possble to get a page 1 ranking within a month for keyphrase with 20,000,000 + competing sites…  So it is not always 6 months before you see any results!

But the thing is, even without top rankings, you can start getting traffic to your site fairly quickly.  And if you build your site and promote it the right way, then you’re going to continue to see this level of traffic for years to come (and your traffic will possibly even keep growing on autopilot).

For starters, before you can get any rankings to a brand new site, you need to get your site indexed.  Getting your site indexed should only take you between 24 and 72 hours.

Once your site has been indexed, when you change something on it, the change will get noticed by the search engines, and you may see an adjustment to your rankings as a result of it.

The more ‘authority’ you build to your site, the faster it will get noticed and the faster you’ll see changes to your rankings.  So this is what an SEO consultant will do for you…. to get you to that point as quickly as possible.

That way you can actually start seeing movement in the search engines on a daily basis as long as you’re actively building links or adding to or editing the content on your site.

If you do something to your site (one that’s already indexed), you’re probably going to see the results within a week at the most.  Sometimes, you’ll see the effects within just a couple of days.

So you don’t want to get caught up thinking that you should you submit a few articles to article directories for backlinks and then sit back waiting for the next 2 months to see the impact on your search engine rankings.

That’s a great way to waste a lot of time as things really happen much faster than that.

It is possible to take a site from 0 to 10,000+ unique visitors/month in a few months with the right SEO consultant.

So it’s not really that hard and it doesn’t take that long.

And the nice thing is that level of traffic should continue even after you’ve stopped working on promoting your site.  So although SEO takes longer than PPC for you to see a benefit, the benefits last much longer if you take the time to set things up right.