Professional SEO Consultants

With many years front line experience as a professional SEO consultant, I repeatedly encounter similar scenarios in relation to the cost of a failed SEO campaign.

I see the same problems and worries coming from customers. I get similar grievances from them also. I see too many clients trying to save money and NOT instructing a professional SEO consultant.

It is very rare to find something new that rocks the SEO world.  The basics stay the same.  Get you on-page SEO correct and then follow the simple equation… content + inbound links = traffic.


The Monetary Price of SEO

Many potential customers have not chosen us for the SEO campaigns.  They go with a lower priced alternatives…  perhaps from India, perhaps from a friend or perhaps a relatives son who will do it for free?  Usually it is the clients web developer who says “I can do it for much less than that!”

The customer usually comes back 6 months later having wasted their £250 month because the results just dont happen.  Unless someone has spent a few years specifically in just SEO they just don’t have enough experince to manage an SEO campaign.  Web developers are sometimes the worst, they spend years building websites which is a very technically based skill, and then think this has equipped them to perform the marketing based role of SEO?!?!?


The Time Price of SEO

Usually this is more expensive than the money. What do I mean by this?  Your competition may have been doing the right things over the last 6 months?  You now have even more ground to catch up?  Google does not like overnight heroes, so when you come to re-dress the balance you have to work even harder!

How to Know if you have a Professional SEO Consultant

Do your research!  Find out who works for the company and Google their names.  If they are a true professional you should be able to find some evidence of that.

The obvious thing you should do is get a testimonial.  This means get a name of a customer and phone them, very easy to do but very rarely done!

How about getting a second opinion?  Do be careful because even the professionals will have different methods, but you will get an idea whether you intended consultant is on the right tracks!

The Bottom Line

Don’t skimp on your SEO.  Its like opening a business and then choosing to never let anyone know of its existence
Spending money on SEO is cumulative.  i.e. your website will just get stronger and stronger.